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year. they have been involved over a year with us in coming one solutions and they actually were part of developing these recommendations. >>reporter: noaa will monitor the ships but currently working with the international maritime organization to modify the shipping lanes and move them further offshore. while there is no research to show it would work, they also want to establish a slow lane. recen recently the shipping industry agreed to have trained whale spotters aboard who will help send out warnings to other ships. so the announcement today that it is recommending all ships coming in to the golden gate and in san francisco bay slow down to continue knot. we have more on that tonight on 7 news at 1 11:00. reporting live in san francisco, back to you dan. >> okay thanks a lot. >> 20-year-old santa rosa man drowned in the russian river today. the fifth person to die in the river this summer. investigators say the man was swim with 2 friends near sunset beach not far from forestville when he began splashing and went under. sheriff's office says he was a good swimmer and no d
this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. a. >> good evening. jury in hayward has awarded the chirp of convicted killer riser more than twice what they asked for the in the murder of their mother. nooen a two children will get more than 60 million dollars from their father who is noted computer programmer. abc 7 news reporter smith was in the courtroom today and has reaction. >> these are 2 wonderful results by 2 jury one in criminal case an one in the civil case. family very appreciative and grateful. >>reporter: alameda county jury awarded the children of convicted killer riser 60 million dollars. according to the family attorney vipd indicated the woman who died at his hands. >> i can't tell you how happy we are right now. when you fight a case like this for 4 years and you have jurors come back and dot right thing like this it's a wonderful thing about our system of justice. >>reporter: riser serve ago term of 15 years to live
to use it. >> acupuncturist they say they are using the field of energy to calm them into a trusting comply yantd mood. that combined with reassuring words and a carrying demeanor -- caring demeanorer they might convince them they are their friend. >> there is a point to make people calm. like they can press right here. they can press a little bit. >> all police will say they have good leads. now with the help of the f.b.i. investigators hope they can make better headway in solving what they call a dedication pickable crime. >> for some it's their life savings. whether they are going to eat for dinner or how you are going to pay your rented. >> to give you an idea. one woman lost $91,000 and all of her jewelry. another $80,000 in cash. they believe this is an organized crime ring from asia which comes here for a period of time and then goes back home. >> dan: a san francisco bicyclist facing felony vehicular manslaughter charges appeared before a judge. he is accused of running a red light as castro and market street. prosecutors say she never tried to stop as he rammed the pedestria
for not having transit fare. >> they need to stop if killin killing. they shoot us we shut it down. they shoot us down we will shut them down. we will continue protesting. we will continue doing what we do. tishltion family members are claiming that san francisco police are covering up what happened year ago. police say harding fired first and they suspect he accidentally shot himself after he was hit in the leg by one of the officers. police right now consider the harding death an open case even a year later. speaker also criticized mayor edley at the event for support of stop and frisk policy. demonstrators in san francisco said that unfairly targets residents of the bay view. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right john thanks investment legal trouble is over for giants sliring sandoval who was accused of sexually assaulting between-year-old woman. santa cruz county district attorney office announced this afternoon it will not file charges against the third baseman. the decision comes days after sheriff's investigators determined there was no cause to arrest sandoval. the w
hollywood. >> breaking news comes to us from the alameda county fair ground where a jockey is dead. 33-year-old george hererra thrown from the mount in tonight's eighth race. look at the video. suffered massive head injuries after being thrown from his horse. he was pitched right there over the horse's head just 30 seconds into the 5 furlough race. we were over the fairgrounds after racing was halted. it's the first track fatality since a jockey was killed there in 197 1975. we have a crew gathering information and we'll have more on this breaking story on abc 7 news as it develops. >>> good evening. dan is off tonight. >> another story developing tonight. man accused of beating the breast he claims molested him was acquitted in a san jose courtroom. the jury acquitted william lynch in the assault of pastor lin. corrina was in san jose for today's verdict. >>reporter: when the not guilty verdict were read will lynch hugged his attorney and his family and then emerged from the courthouse to an equally emotional crowd. he spoke publicly for the first time. >> one motivating factor
and used the cell phone. went outside to get his weapons and gear up with bullet proof vest. ballistic helmet. gas mask and gear covering his throat legs and tactical glove gloves. holms went back inside to the front of the theater and rurld 2 green cap sisters. >> then i saw plumes of smoke. >> then he shot up in the air and everybody started to to pap ick at that point. he came down with the gun in my face 3 feet away from me at that poin point. i was terrified so i just jumped forward that the aisle and kind of buried myself in there and tried to just hide myself. ended up shooting behind me. at that moment i remember thinking i'm not going to die in here. me and my kids are not going to die in hereism it was just chaos. >>reporter: marched up and down the aisle using arsenal. shotgun block pistols and only stopped to reload. minutes later police captured him in the parking lot. but still not over. police using robot trying to get in the suspect apartment. he warned officers that it was boob trapped and it is. with trip wires and containers of flammable lickd with. >> i
than half of them are using them on smartphones instead of laptops. that is where it has to move its advertising. one of new ideas is sponsored stories, ads based what people like. mark zuckerberg gave details. >> by the end of june, it has a run rate of one million per day on revenue and half of that is mobile. >> reporter: as they figure out the advertising strategy. facebook has 15% of the revenues playing zynga games but the players are switching to mobile devices. jason is chief marketing officer of san francisco company a facebook advertiser. >> one of the way they can succeed is gaining revenue and e-commerce revenue going forward. they don't have to rely entirely on advertising. >> reporter: zuckerberg and his company face other issues as a high profile company that could temper its growth. privacy is a major concern. the ceo of san francisco's spider cloud. a cloud storage company. it's free but they have to address how they use the data it collects. >> you give it to information and they sell to other advertisers and that is how they make their money. there is nothing wrong
. jensen young said her boyfriend john plunk took a bullet for her pushing her under her seat and using his body as a shield. those who knew him said he was already a hero serving in the navy and reenlisting to become a navy seal. 24-year-old alex also died a hero blocking his girlfriend amanda from a bullet when he was himself shot and killed. his father said his son had a heart of gold and would have done anything to save his girlfriend. and he did clearly. 27-year-old matt quinn dove on top of his girlfriend samantha as the shooting started. her brother was able to get her out with a gun shot wound to the knee co-workers describe him as great and outgoing person. >> now stay with us for all the st developments on the colorado theater massacre. also created a slide show remembering the 12 victims on the front page of our web site. we certainly want to honor those who lost their lives. >>> we move on for the moment. a lot of business news talk about today. one tech company announces layoffs. former head of yahoo lands on his feet. >> emeryville bay coffee does reverse of i p o. als
card that is used to pay for bart, muni and cal train rides. it is costing transit agencies and taxpayers more than half a million dollars. laura anthony has the story tonight that you will see only from abc 7 ns. >> that was my 590. that was minus $4. >> on his way to work charles haydn makes extra money by recycling cans and bottles at bart stations. he finds used clipper cards and when checks the balance most of the time it is negative. >> what did you think about it? >> i figure they are losing money. >> in the past two weeks he collected dozens of cards with total negative balances in the hundreds of dollars. >> i barely get by and if people are doing this and it is going to cost us money. >> it does cost a lot of money. >> the clipper program is administered by the metropolitan transportation commission which reimburses bart and other transit systems for the fares used by card holders. >> the negative balance feature is a deliberate customer service incentive that was built into the program to help the harried customer. >> reporter: but goodwin acknowledges a significa
a patent attorney has halted the sale of the samsung tablet in the u.s. samsung is using these photos to show that apple copied designs from sony. so this case has high stakes. >> there is always much of a chance that you are going to get yourself in trouble as much there is a chance you are going to deal a knockout blow to the competitor. >> the court is working with the jury pool of 72 to find ten for the final jury. apple and samsung plan to call 20 witnesses. the trial is expected to run three to four weeks plus jury deliberations. prospective jurors are asking if they have a mobile phone or tablet or whether think have any personal connections or read any books such as the steve jobs by graph. some people wonder if they can get a fair trial here. >> they will have a fair jury. >> hometown people, people buy apple products here right up the road. >> ten jurors have been selected and seated. opening arguments will begin tomorrow. projected cost for samsung and apple, $20 million. >>> a major departure from yahoo today. after being passed up as the top job, rob live en son is leavin
>>> fireworks displays across the u.s. have already begun. you are looking at the celebration in washington, d.c.. isn't that cool? you can see the washington money utility. in st. louis another spectacular display over the gateway arch on this 4th of july. good evening. we're going to take a look now in san francisco along the embarcadero where thousands of people are gathering to watch tonight's fireworks show. best places to see the fireworks are in the area from fisherman's wharf to aquatic park. jonathan bloom has a preview. >> reporter: with a couple of chairs, a blanket and umbrella, it pays to get here early. she has coming with her son since he was in sixth grade. >> getting out of heat for vacation. >> reporter: what to do with the ten hours left before the fireworks start. >> sleeping, reading, whatever. >> it's a time for the family to relax. out at the end of pier nobody will be sitting down. >> this will be the final one and snake back and hit the five. >> twisting tiny wires and loading shells into big plastic pipes. pyro technicians are putting the final touche
couldn't get in. >>reporter: gomez told us the second flar hallway was engulfed in flames and that the child was in a back bedroom which opened up into the hall wait a minute he told us that there was a two-year-old. we just went crazy trying to see if we could get him out. there was no chance. >>reporter: workers then ran their water hose and sprayed the house as much as they could. by then firefighters had araved and entered the home. the toddler and adult resident were taken to the hospital. hours later the sad news. >> unfortunately we have one fatality to report of 2-year-old boy. >>reporter: 2 adult taken to the hospital are now in critical condition. they are the boy's grandparents. >> i'm just pray my grandparents make it. >>reporter: he's the cousin of the 2-year-old. he says his grandparents are babysitting the boy. . >> parents work in the morning and. >>reporter: the blaze was probably set accidentally in the hallway when something in a closet perhaps a candle may have ignited the fire. the family who lives in the house are hindu. he explains. >> u
quickly. one man arrested. now police of course will not be able to keep many people from using illegal fireworks tomorrow night and over the weekend but they are trying as best they can to keep the holiday safe. more tonight from abc 7 news reporter vick lee. fichlt runner set out small fireworks on the streets of china town to let buyers know they were selling the big stuff. the runners are usually young neighborhood teen trying to make extra money on the holiday week. in the past china town streets would be filled with them the. >> probably see maybe 50 to 100 runners and the business is very lucrative. money really good. >> officers have been walking this hotel difficult beat for decades. >> gangs were very hot and selling fireworks at one time. these kids at the end of the season each of these kids would be able to buy a car. >>reporter: but not now. we did see runner on street corners but the numbers were few. >> it's dead. like the econom economy. it's quiet for the kid too. >>reporter: so why are you here. >> buy stuff. >>reporter: fireworks. >> yes fireworks. >>report
that the conduct was of a sexual nature end quote. student who graduate from the school last month told us with her parents perfect pwhition what she thought of the principal. >> she was nice. and she was always around to see how we were doing. >>reporter: the delay in reporting the incident may impact the case against the teacher. >> he was given heads up. he was given an opportunity to create a story. he was given the opportunity to destroy evidence. >>reporter: failure of the principal to report the incident could lead to 6 months of jail time. her attorney is saying that she will be cleared of all wrongdoing. teacher craig chandler next appearance in court will be on august 6. this is abc 7 news. >>> one woman crusade against the maker of popular dog treatise gaining some momentum n.late may we told you about a morgan hill woman her dog caly died after eating chicken jerky treat made in china. now she's starting a petition asking the fda to ban the treats. lee ann has the story. >>reporter: rachel chambers of morgan hill started a petition drive on change.org. to have chicke
to 2000 feet. spokesman says the company will tell us where all 500 trouble spots are located but as of now we know on the peninsula that lines 101 and 109 and line 1 32 have all been found to be at risk 2 mile stretch of 132 has been permanently shut down at the explosion site of active part of the line still runs right past daniel archer news south san francisco. >> how i feel in honestly i feel in there's hydrogen bomb ready to good off at any time without us knowing. >>reporter: archer doesn't trust the utility company. metal expert who consults with utility companies on pipeline says there's good reason. i spoke with kenneth by skype. >> those lines per the code calculation are greatly over pressurize. >>reporter: he says when he ran the calculations on the maximum allowable operating pressure, kind of pipe pg&e has running under the peninsula, he found a disturbing similarity. >> egregiously over pressurize. more than double what it should be. >>reporter: state assemblyman hill represents a large swath of the peninsula including san bruno. he says the utility should
it does that to one of our officers it does it to all of us. we all feel it. >>reporter: multi-agency investigation is being headed. >> it does appear to be accidental however there are things that we will be focusing on during the course of the investigation one of those being how firearms were stored inside the residence. >>reporter: neighbors say they are sad by the toddler death but also wondering how it could happen in the home of a police officer. >> should have been secure. locked away. unloaded. >>reporter: unanswered questions rate now are over shadowed by profound sense of grief. monique saw preston playing with his sister. >> to think that there's only one now so it's really sad. him if i can't even immanuel what they are going through. >>reporter: officer orlando co-workers say he has their full support. >> washington we need to be concerned with is taking care of brandon and his family. making sure they have what they need very difficult time for them. >>reporter: we have learned that the weapon involved was not a deputy issued weapon but san jose police are
not, can not red or may not have a television at home, don't know how to use a computer. >>reporter: police got the video last tonight. captain tom says he and his officers will begin distributing the dvd tomorrow. vick lae, abc 7 new news. >>> the remains of a redwood city marine who disappeared during world war ii have been returned to the bay area for military funeral. the flag draped coffin of james sizes arrived at san francisco international airport this morning aboard a delta plane n.1944, 19-year-old he and 6 other crew members perished when the plane crashed on a hillside in the island on the south pacific. paperwork mix up caused the military to lose track of the crash site but family members of the crew never gave up the search. >> family of one of the people on the plane of the crew members got a crew together in 94 to go search for the plane. took them 3 days to climb. about 3000 feet. >>reporter: he will be buried tomorrow with full military honor at the golden gate cemetery in san bruno where he already has a head stone. ceremony to honor the entire crew held in
. >> this is a big concern for us when it comes to officer safety. we cannot afford to have equipment that is not reliable in the time of need and that is what the issues are with those radios. >> city officials say they are now working on ways to fix the problems with the radio system. >>> uc students dressed as zombies broke dance move is out today to protest tuition hikes. and for the moment at least the students won. the uc board of regents finance committee today voted to freeze undergraduate tuition this fall but officials warn that students could face a steep mid year hike if voters reject governor brown's tax initiative. >> we are all worried. university was at $3.24 billion at 2008 and now down to $2.4 billion and down if it doesn't pass. it going down and down and down and it has consequences. >> while they will freeze tuition for undergraduates in the fall keep in mind the regents did vote to increase tuition for law school, business school and nursing. >>> meantime, governor brown today committed california to a controversial high speed rail system that will get you from h
: that will most likely be another emotional trial for danielle pwloen. she told us in the exclusive interview after ramos sentence that go she feared reyes was still out there. one big reason she and her daughter and sole survivor son are still in witness relocation. >> let's just say my life has been completely stripped. being in protective is kind of hard because it's not the same. we can't just to what we want to do. we can't just go where we want to go. >>reporter: vick lee abc 7 news. >> oakland police believe confrontation between 2 groups led to shooting that sent 5 people to the hospital outside very popular theater. someone opened fire outside the regal cinema in jack london square about 9:20 last night. 5 victims are expected to survive. the crime shocked merchant and other in the area that is known for the restaurants, night life and other attractions. >> i'm going to say it's still safe to come down here at nigh night. it's a beautiful place. the waterfront is a beautiful location to be in. i don't think family should feel unsale. i think it was just one time incident. >>
unified school district only yesterday. >> what they did tell us is that 2 students that they had collected evidence 2 students t had posted image of some tested material on to social media web site. >> state officials worked with social networking web site like facebook, twitter to remove them medley. california department of education has analyzed thousands of test results trying to the find discrepancy. today spokesperson said there is no evidence that what was posted had any effect on test results. >> often it's really a sign of my last test of my career or something they just wanted to do for being a student. >>reporter: the department of education has yet to decide what action to take against the schools affected. children now in high school attended l this middle school do. kids without thinking. they take pictures and within 2 seconds it's out on the internet and never go away. >>reporter: meanwhile san jose unified school district yet to decide what new measure to put in place to ensure this doesn't happen again. this is abc 7 news. >>> more to get to you for toni
'm dan ashley. what used to be called the peripheral canal 30 years ago is now called a conveyance system but no matter what it is called controversy might as well be the middle name. the governor wants a massive twin tunnel system built to supply critical areas of the state with water. the plan calls for giant pumping stations to help carry water from the sacramento river and san joaquin river delta to farmland and cities. supporters promise a reliable source of water. opponents argue it could destroy fragile eco systems. nannette miranda is in sacramento with the story. >> reporter: with the blessing of the obama administration, governor jerry brown says he figured out how to fix the sacramento san joaquin river delta problems so water from northern california can be delivered to the farmlands of the central valley and thirsty cities of southern california with three new pumps that divert water from the northern end instead of the southern end it involves building a massive twin tunnel system under the delta south of sacramento and then hooking them up with existing aquaducts. water use
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